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Hello and welcome! 

For wholesale pricing across our items under the Organic Garrotxa label (our house brand), please simply complete the accompanying sign-up form. At Organic Garrotxa, we always endeavour to offer only the highest-quality natural herbs that we can source from our property in Garrotxa, Girona.


Along with great service delivery, and the most affordable prices possible, it is our utmost hope that our wholesale initiative will further bring  the experience of your Clients to an all time high!


Payment methods for swift order processing, including credit.

*For accounting purposes, only registered businesses can be considered.


Please note:

  • Upon sign-up and approval of wholesale-customer profile, you will still be able to view and shop the complete range of herbs and products that we stock, as per usual, but additionally, you will also be able to access wholesale pricing across the Organic Garrotxa Label (our house brand, which is CCPAE Certified, 100% Organic).

  • Wholesale accounts may not be able to take advantage of any additional Organic Garrotxa retail promotions or sales. Volume discounts which apply to packaging items are available as always.

  • Remember that in order to view any applicable wholesale prices, you will need to be logged into your account profile.

  • We do not offer any credit accounts but gladly accept all of our usual, convenient card and bank transfer payments.

Thank you for your interest in Organic Garrotxa!



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